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FOMA - Fabrics of Multicultural Australia is an annual event held across Sydney culminating in a fashion show which is held at the Powerhouse Museum in Pyrmont.


Danielle has the privilege of engaging with an international audience, embassies, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trading DFAT for the event as the Indigenous Cultural Ambassador.

Sitting comfortably alongside Ambassadors and dignitaries, Danielle pays respect to elders past present, and emerging, all First Nations people present, and provided Recognition of Country.

Her artworks are featured as large-scale projections within the Powerhouse Museum and each year signature pieces are displayed to frame the catwalk for the fashion event.

Her current pieces speak of a recent envoy to India and her experience of sharing in and of her culture with the Indian Nation and people. Danielle's travel, her experience, and her connection are all shared in this monochromatic collection.

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