Recognised by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) as an Indigenous Business Partner. This has given Danielle the opportunity to work internationally. A major supporter has been the Embassy for the United States of America, in Canberra. This has led to her contributing to the White House private collection and being presented to Barack Obama when President.


Danielle has worked with a number of iconic Australian brands. A brand alliance with Danielle is much more than partnering with an artist, it is partnering with a cultural ambassador.


A descendant of the Murrawari people through her Mother’s maternal side, and Euahlayi people through her Mother’s paternal grandmother, Danielle has created a name for herself within the art world.

Danielle works collaboratively with a number of organisations promoting indigenous education and art. 

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Danielle involves herself and runs workshops with children and women, focusing on storytelling and culture through Indigenous art. As a leader in the Indigenous community, Danielle represents her culture through her teachings.  

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